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What Do I Need To Take To A Life Drawing Party?

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What do I need to take to a life drawing party? The answer is your best pair of laughing trousers and a good sense of humour! Seriously though, we supply everything that you will need to have a great time, including an awesome life model who will keep you entertained. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that you have plenty of fun.

It really is just about the fun and taking part. Most of the people who attend a hen life drawing party are there for the laugh, in fact the more serious you take it the less likely you’ll have fun (probably, unless you’re REALLY serious about your art! So don’t worry if you’re not the next Picasso or Rembrandt because we’re not either and neither are any of the girls you’ll attend with probably.

How Long Does It Take?

Our Life Drawing package last an hour and a half which is more than enough time for us to comfortably get through the session and give everyone a fantastic experience. This involves an introduction from your model to make the experience more personal before they will begin posing for three separate drawings. Who knows… maybe the bride to be or birthday girl can join in for the final one? but shhh, we’ll keep that bit a surprise. It’s all in good fun and lighthearted humour that we are sure will be a great memory of the hen party or special occasion.

A session that lasts this long allows you to fill your day with other hen activities too. This allows it to fit in nicely with a string of fun things to do that you and your party can take part in and get the most out of your time in our fantastic city.

Can I Bring Alcohol With Me?

Unfortunately no, we are fully licensed and have our own beautiful private bar which is included for all of our experiences. You will also have your own personal bartender too.

We do have a great selection of beers, ciders, craft beer, spirits, mixers, wine and prosecco as well as a large gin selection and we don’t charge the earth.

Will I Get To Keep My Drawing?

Absolutely, if that’s what you want then we are more than happy for you to take it away with you as a reminder of the day. Included in our life drawing package is an eco friendly folder to take your drawings away in.

Where Are You Based?

We are based on Arrad Street in Liverpool’s beautiful Georgian Quarter situated right behind the Everyman theatre on Hope Street.

We do have a map on our contact page but of course if you’re unsure of how to get here then please just give us a call for directions, we’ll be more than happy to help.


You don’t need to bring anything with you as we supply everything that you need on the day. The only thing you need to bring is a bit of an open mind and the willingness to have a great time. The life drawing parties that we hold are just a bit of fun, we specialise in hen parties so we’ve really learnt to know what a group of girls want to have a great time!

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