After a date and time has been provided for an experience it will be saved in our booking management system. This booking record is only provisional and cannot be guaranteed until the £50.00 deposit has been received. After a 21 day period, provisional bookings are removed from our system. If you were quoted a special offer this will only be guaranteed for the time specified on the offer. If your deposit is received after the closing date of the offer the offer will be void.

A £50.00 deposit is required to secure all bookings that are made 6 weeks or more in advance. This deposit is non-refundable if the experience is cancelled.

Remaining balances for sessions must be paid on or before the invoice due date which is usually 6 weeks before the experience date. If payment is not received by the due date a late payment fee will be added. The amount of this fee is specified on your invoice. If we have not received your full payment by 4 weeks before the date of the session, the booking will become ‘provisional’. If your booking becomes provisional we can no longer guarantee your session time/date. If payment has not been made within 14 days of the session date/time this will result in the booking being cancelled and loss of any deposits paid. An admin charge of £20 will be required to reinstate the booking (depending on the availability of the preferred date).

If Get Nude Life Drawing are given notice of more than 6 weeks (42 days) before the session date, customers may request to change the time or date of the session without any fees and subject to availability. If a change to the date/time of the session is requested within 6 weeks of the original session date by the customer there will be an admin fee of £2 per guest (min. £20) – subject to availability.

Offers/discounts given at the time of booking are valid only for the value of the original quote – changes may effect the original quote. Get Nude Life Drawing reserve the right to withdraw offers based on certain changes made to the booking.

Changes to dates and/or times of a booking may only happen once per booking.

We understand guest numbers can decrease in the time leading up to your session. Changes to guest numbers can be made anytime after your £50.00 deposit has been paid up to 6 weeks (42 days) before your session with us. At the point of 6 weeks before your session date the final balance and final numbers will be due. Any offers or discounts given at the time of booking are valid only for the original quotes value. If guest numbers are decreased, the offer or discount given on your specific package may no longer be valid. 

*In certain situations such as if you were making a new booking for a date that is already within 6 weeks (42 days) dependant on certain experience details we may offer an initial deposit with your final balance to be paid at a time closer to the experience date. This will be confirmed with you prior to paying any deposits and confirmed via email.

If you would like to completely cancel your booking with us you will lose any deposit paid. Get Nude Life Drawing and it’s Parent Company ‘CoverStar Experiences Ltd’ will not be responsible for compensation of any sort for events out of our control such as but not limited to; war, riots, adverse weather conditions, civil strife, fire, flood, shortage of water, epidemics, medical emergency, airport closures, local authority disputes, terrorist activity, cyber warfare or any further activities out of our control. In the instance of cancellations at or within 6 weeks (42 days) of the booking date we would not refund any final balances paid. Depending on the circumstances we will offer to reschedule your experience no more than once. Additional change fees may apply (See *Changes* section. 

No refunds will be offered for any experience within 6 weeks of the booking under any circumstances. 

The same applies with any extras purchased.

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